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Your purchase of books and other items from the link below, will provide a matching 4% discount in scholarship donations for low income women to receive reduced cost Birth Doula Support. 

Open this link to see the Amazon.Com Boutique: 

 Arbonne Natural Products-Baby & Mom!!

Are you looking for Natural Baby Products, Healthy Body and Weight Loss Products after the birth of your baby? Then check out Arbonne products from an independent consultant at the following link: . (Take a look at the About Me page to get some ideas about healing Mom after birth and At the bottom of her Home page, click on the " contact me by e-mail " link and Send her a note for baby products or information for you. Or click on ShopOnLine link and find the Arbonne Baby Products in the middle of the page). She also has some nice gift sets if you are looking for some great gift ideas!


Arbonne Baby Products!

Some of my favorite books are:


Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way


The Thinking Woman's Guide for a Better Birth


** HomeBirth In The Hospital **


The Vaccine Book

  Happiest Baby on the

Block Book or DVD

The Womanly Art

Of Breastfeeding

original?tenant=vbu-digital which is a website dedicated to helping people travel with kids. They rent baby equipment as well as ship food, diapers, etc. to vacation destinations. Recently added cloth diapers to the site.

Try the gDiaper! Proud sponsers of "The Business of Being Born" by Ricki Lake. The best of cloth and disposable in one earth-friendly diaper.

More baby items to include cloth diapers:

Check out You'll love their Diaper carriers and Feeding Reminder Bracelets.


Eat Right For your Blood Type

Find a great sleep wedge and breastfeeding supplies for baby here:

Another helpful sleep aid can be found here:

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